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Usability Review

Many websites offer a few usability challenges to the user, and if anything this has got worse rather than better as more graphics and animations are employed on websites.

Here's a favourite example of a high street bank. Their original online banking interface fell definitely in the function rather than form category - no graphics, just text. It was very straightforward to use. To display a statement you selected 'Statement' from a drop down box - pretty much like the left hand image below. Then, a year or so ago, it changed to the right hand image below. And now where's the link to Statements...? Turns out you have to click on the little green arrow thing to the left of the text.

Online banking screenshot showing pull down menu, Statement option highlighted Online banking screenshot showing text with green arrow to the left

That's a good example of graphic design getting in the way of usability. This sort of thing is very well covered in an 'oldie but goodie' book called 'Don't Make Me Think' by Steve Krug - the title saying it all: a website should be intuitive to use, you shouldn't have to work out what to do.

We realise it can be hard to see issues with your own website, because you become too familiar with exactly how it works, so we offer a fixed price 'Usability Review'. We will review your website for usability issues and produce a report highlighting good and bad areas for consideration. Cost from £50 +VAT, dependent on the size of your site. Please contact us for more details.