Web Hosting

We recommend Clook for web hosting. UK based, great service and great value.

Student Portfolio

We've put together a special package aimed at arts/photography students who want to (or need to!) have a website to display their portfolio of work.

Aperture Theme Sketch Theme Infinite Photography Theme

Special price for students: £100 (plus hosting and domain name)

Our package

To keep your site fresh and current you need to be able to update your site yourself, and a (free) package called Wordpress, which runs on your web server, is the best choice for this. If you haven't heard of Wordpress, it's used by millions of websites across the world and allows you to create and publish web pages without needing to know anything about programming. Our package includes:

  • Wordpress set up and configured on your server
  • Installation of a Wordpress theme of your choice (see below)
  • Google Analytics installed - so you can see who's visiting your site
  • Watermarking plugin installed to protect your images
  • Pop up gallery plugin installed, so clicking on an image gives a you a bigger version
  • Addition of some DIFFERENT typefaces to make your site look distinctive
  • If you want, a contact form installed, so people can get in touch
  • Set up new email addresses for your site
  • Support while you're setting up your site

As part of the deal, we ask that you buy your hosting from Clook. This will cost you £25+VAT per year and we think is excellent value. We use Clook ourselves, they are based in Preston, UK, and are always very responsive (and speak English) in the event of needing to contact them. We know their servers will be set up properly. Their hosting charges, unlike many, include free email accounts, so you can create a professional-looking email like simon@yourdomain.co.uk.

What might it look like?

Simple Portfolio Theme RokoPhoto Lite Theme SKT Orange Theme

We've put together a demonstration site to show you what a site might look like. Change the theme by using the dropdown menu at the top of the pages. There are thousands of themes for Wordpress available, including loads of free themes, so we've done some of the work for you and trawled through to find some free themes which we think are easy to use and work well with collections of images. Some themes will allow you to change certain elements, so you can choose your own background image/colour, header images, text colours etc.

Who owns the website when it's finished?

You will.

You need to own your own domain name and not be tied to any web firm, and registering it yourself will avoid any grief in the future. This will cost you around £6.99 per year for a .co.uk address, £10.99 for a .com address.

We suggest you also purchase web hosting (the server on which your website will sit) directly rather than through us. This will give you direct access to 24/7 support if your website is down, and once more means you're not restricted in what you might want in the future.

What you'll need to do

  • Pick a domain name
  • Buy your domain name and hosting from Clook
  • Select a theme and decide what you want your website to be called ('John Smith Fine Art', 'Wharfedale Photography' etc)
  • Once we've set the site framework up, load up your images and content - we'll provide instructions and support for this

Interested? Got some questions?

Get in contact with us.