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Photographing felt with a compact camera Last updated:29 October 2010

I wrote an article about photographing felt a little while ago, but it occurred to me that it assumed quite a lot of expensive photographic gear, so here’s how I got on trying the same thing with just a compact camera.

Well well… Last updated:29 October 2010

Entered a photography competition at the Ilkley Flower Show on Saturday – first time ever. Rather successful. The image below won first prize in the category “Winter Scene” – rather surprisingly as I thought although a good photo it wasn’t quite a scene as such.

Frozen leaf

And this one won third prize in “Something Red”.

Poppy bud

However, my daughter trumped me by winning first prize in “Something Red” and the Calder Cup for best photograph or painting in the show, with this one, taken with a Panasonic compact:

Hoverfly on a red flower