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CSS3PIE/ and https and IE6 Last updated:21 November 2012

Came across an interesting one last week using https on an Opencart installation. After implementing https I discovered that all the secure pages generated a warning in IE6: “This page contains both secure and insecure items”. I couldn’t work out why this was happening at all and ended up with a test page with virtually nothing on it still generating the error.

After some more messing about it became apparent that the error was being caused by the CSS3PIE code – specifically the use of a reference to url(about:blank) in the script. There’s more info here. The suggested solution is to replace a.backgroundImage="url(about:blank)" with a.backgroundImage="none" which seems to have done the trick for me. I was a little nervous about that replacement so have created a separate version of just for IE6, with no problems so far.

Posted here in case anyone else has the issue as it took me a while to find the solution.

Heart Internet and CSS3PIE/ Last updated:6 February 2012

Discovered this evening that a website I’d built a month or so ago using CSS3PIE for box-shadow and border-radius had lost both of these. I’d just made a couple of changes so at first I thought I’d messed something up, but after backing all the changes out only to find the problem was still there, and then discovering all was fine using xampp locally, it looks to me like Heart have changed something on their servers. I fixed the problem by using a php file which forces the file to be served as the correct content type – see the CSS3PIE pages for the details of this.

Just thought I’d post this in case anyone else is searching for the same issue.