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Opencart – differences between 1.5.x versions

While working through a mobile theme for different versions of Opencart 1.5, I came across quite a lot of differences between the versions which are not documented on the Opencart site itsef. These differences are those that affect the development of themes, rather than anything solely in the Controller or Model files. I started with version 1.5.1.

Opencart 1.5.1 to Opencart

  • No changes identified

Opencart to Opencart

  • No changes identified

Opencart to Opencart

  • The reward points variable created by catalog/controller/checkout/cart is renamed from points to reward
  • catalog/controller/payments/nochex passes $test variable instead of tpl calling config directly

Opencart to Opencart 1.5.2

  • A new module is created for language
  • A new module is created for currency
  • The catalog/controller/checkout/payment controller and template are renamed payment_method
  • view/checkout/address.tpl is split into payment_address.tpl and shipping_address.tpl
  • view/checkout/shipping.tpl is renamed shipping_method.tpl
  • The function to add a product in controller/checkout/cart, called from several pages, is renamed from update to add
  • Similarly, the function to add to wish list in controller/checkout/cart is renamed from update to add
  • Coupon/voucher/reward/shipping data is passed and handled differently from controller/checkout/cart
  • Remove from cart ajax function added
  • A large number of ajax responses on checkout.tpl are different and hence are handled differently
  • Some buttons have different ids on checkout page
  • no success message on wish list amend
  • The zone function on guest address is moved to checkout/checkout from checkout/guest_shipping
  • catalog/controller/payment/paypoint passes an additional $digest variable
  • A reorder button added to account/order_list
  • Variable names are changed on account/return_list
  • The return form is simplified and restricted to a single product
  • A remove button added to wishlist
  • Gift voucher is located under account rather than checkout
  • Variable name changed on download page

Opencart 1.5.2 to Opencart

  • No changes identified

Opencart to Opencart 1.5.3

  • Change to the way categories are handled in catalog/controller/common/header.php
  • Zone functions are different on checkout/register and affiliate
  • Company and tax id added to customer data

Opencart 1.5.3 to Opencart

  • No changes identified

Opencart to Opencart 1.5.4

  • Variable name changed from entry_account to entry_customer_group on checkout/register, checkout/guest and account/register

Opencart 1.5.4 to Opencart

  • There are no changes between these versions, includes solely a change to the encryption class

Opencart to Opencart 1.5.5

  • URLs generated when navigating between stores using the Store module pass an additional query string identifying the session


7 responses to “Opencart – differences between 1.5.x versions”

  1. Simon says:

    The responsive front end of 2.x is great. I am less keen on the admin side of 2.x which to me has some oddities – particularly editing order addresses etc which I think is far better in 1.5.x.

  2. Dominic Johnson says:

    Which version is better 1.5.x or 2.0.x? especially the admin side?
    Thanks & Regards
    Kerala, India

  3. Simon says:

    Back up everything first of all, file system and database. Then have a try with these instructions.

  4. Thommy says:

    I would like to update from to a/the newer version.. what would be the best approach?

  5. Simon says:

    There are only small changes between 1.5.4 and 1.5.5 but it obviously depends on what your added modules are doing.

  6. toko mainan says:

    i have a plan to upgrade 1.5.4 to 1.5.5, will there any problem with module? Because A lot of free module created for 1.5.4 and below.

  7. Someone says:

    Was very helpful! Thanks a lot

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