Volvos in films Last updated:17 June 2024

OK, I’ve just been writing some more serious stuff about dealing with people, so as an antidote for myself, here’s something really trivial that’s been bugging me for a while. Is it me, or are there a disproportionately high number of appearances of Volvos in films. Here’s a list of ones I’ve noticed (so far).

  • School of Rock – This is a true Volvofest. The car park at the school where Jack Black works has, at various points at least two XC70s, an S80 in the background, a V70, and a V40. One of the fathers drives an XC90. When Jack arrives for the parents evening the first five cars he drives past are Volvos. Right at the end a V70 drops a child off for the new school. You’d think it was filmed in Sweden…
  • Freaky Friday – Jamie Lee Curtis drives an S60
  • Garfield – his owner drives another S60
  • Two Weeks Notice – Sandra Bullock drives an S80
  • Cheaper By The Dozen 2 – Steve Martin’s daughter drives what looks like a V70, although you don’t see much of it
  • The Fly – Jeff Goldblum’s girlfriend drives a 200 series estate.
  • The West Wing – CJ’s Dad has an old 200 estate when she visits him in series 4
  • The Sure Thing – John Cusack initially gets a lift from Tim Robbins in an Amazon estate
  • Mrs Doubtfire – Sally Field drives a red 850 saloon
  • New Moon – Robert Pattinson drives an XC60. Even vampires drive Volvos…
  • Twilight – …and change them quite regularly it seems, as in the first film he drives a silver C30.
  • Eclipse – my daughter tells me there’s a different one in this as well. Currently unconfirmed.
  • Back To The Future – Near the start, where Michael J Fox and his girlfriend are in the town square, you can see a 240 in the background
  • Son of The Mask – Again near the start, there’s a big explosion at a party, and two 240s get turned over. There might be some more Volvos in the film, but frankly, I couldn’t take more than a few moments of this one…
  • Must Love Dogs – Diane Lane’s boyfriend drives a gold C70
  • Music And Lyrics – Hugh Grant’s agent drives an S60
  • Sydney White – at the hustings for class president (or whatever it is) there’s a black XC60 prominently behind Amanda Bynes
  • The Shaggy Dog – I literally only saw 30 seconds of this, honest, but the dog was being driven around in an XC90…
  • Something’s Gotta Give – Diane Keaton drives a C70
  • Marley And Me – Owen Wilson drives a navy blue S80
  • Never Been Kissed – Drew Barrymore’s friend drives a 240 estate
  • 27 Dresses – Katherine Heigl drives a 240

This list also gives a slightly embarrassing indication of the sorts of films I watch, doesn’t it? I cite a 1311 year old daughter as partial defence, m’lud. Street cred improved slightly by New Moon, I think, but then Son of The Mask messes that up a bit.

The answer, no doubt, is that those clever Volvo marketing types are placing their product squarely in front of their target market – parents. People like me, in fact.

Awful geeky joke… Last updated:30 September 2011

There are 10 types of people in the world. Those who understand binary, and those who don’t.

Quite concerned that I find this funny…

Photographing felt with a compact camera Last updated:29 October 2010

I wrote an article about photographing felt a little while ago, but it occurred to me that it assumed quite a lot of expensive photographic gear, so here’s how I got on trying the same thing with just a compact camera.

Websites that don’t work in Firefox Last updated:29 October 2010

Name and shame time. In the last month or so I’ve tripped over several websites that don’t work at all in Firefox:

  • Vodafone Pay As You Go Top Up
  • Egg Money Manager
  • Yorkshire Building Society online savings application

The Vodafone one is particularly nasty as the problem is that the button to say “Pay now” or whatever it is just doesn’t appear, so you’re left stranded with no real idea what’s going on.

It’s not like these are particularly small firms, either…

Well well… Last updated:29 October 2010

Entered a photography competition at the Ilkley Flower Show on Saturday – first time ever. Rather successful. The image below won first prize in the category “Winter Scene” – rather surprisingly as I thought although a good photo it wasn’t quite a scene as such.

Frozen leaf

And this one won third prize in “Something Red”.

Poppy bud

However, my daughter trumped me by winning first prize in “Something Red” and the Calder Cup for best photograph or painting in the show, with this one, taken with a Panasonic compact:

Hoverfly on a red flower