Making this site responsive

I’ve been thinking about making this site responsive for some time, but never quite got round to it, in part because only about 1% of the traffic is from mobile devices, but I have finally got around to it. Now this site has grown up over the last, errr, five or six years, and I was expecting it be a bit of a nightmare.

Not so! The css file is pretty large anyway, but to date I have added only 94 css statements to media queries for small screens, and I think I’m nearly there, the only major challenge left is the photography slideshows. I have done this backwards according to conventional wisdom, in that I’ve started with a desktop site and reverse-engineered a mobile site. I can’t quite get my mind around why that piece of wisdom anyway… Just for comparison, bootstrap.css has more than 5000 entries.

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I've yet to find a way of allowing code snippets to be pasted into Wordpress comments - so if you're trying to do this you'd be better off using the contact form.