How to add an image to a page in Drupal 7

About three years ago I tried messing about with Drupal to investigate its possibilities. After several hours trying to add an image to a page I gave up.

Today I tried again, using Drupal 7 this time. Here’s what I did…

  • Loaded Drupal
  • Created a new “Basic Page” and added some words….fine so far
  • No way of adding image…checked Modules, nothing likely
  • Went to Add Module, found WYSIWYG editor.
  • Downloaded module to PC, uploaded and enabled module
  • Went back to Add Content, no editor visible….
  • Googled…
  • Went into WYSIWYG Configuration, enabled various buttons including Image
  • Back into Add Content, Image Button, Hurrah!!! No upload capability…
  • Searched modules, found likely looking Media module
  • Downloaded module to PC, uploaded and tried to enable module, couldn’t, it needs another module called cTools
  • Downloaded cTools, uploaded and enabled it
  • Enabled Media modules
  • Back into Add Content, absolutely no joy whatsoever
  • Uninstalled Media and cTools module
  • Googled…
  • Downloaded IMCE and IMCE WYSIWYG modules, uploaded and enabled
  • Back into Add Content, still no luck
  • Back into WYSIWYG configuration, enabled IMCE button
  • Back into Add Content, new button available, it works….
  • Laughed hysterically for several minutes
Drupal screenshot with an image

Ta daaaa…

This whole process took marginally less than an hour. How can it possibly be this difficult? I consider myself pretty technically savvy, and it takes me this long? Cannot imagine letting a client loose on this.

So, for anyone who may have stumbled across this, here’s what I should have done:

Hope this helps someone…

Corollary about a week later: Tried to log on again for some further experimentation and repeatedly got “Access Denied” to the login page (as in, didn’t even get as far as viewing the login fields). Spent about half an hour reading posts from others on the same problem, with no success, then just deleted the entire installation. I’ll stick with WordPress…

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