To IE6 or not IE6, that is the question…

I have now officially moved my stance on IE6 support from “must support” to “not sure”. The last two companies I’ve worked in have had IE6 as the only browser available, and I’ve been heartily fed up with sites telling me I’m retarded and lazy for not upgrading. Consequently I’ve always been quite keen on things working in IE6, or at least degrading gracefully.

Only a fifth of one percent of visitors to this site used IE6 (and even some of those were me testing) – most of them from Russia, USA and the UK if you’re interested. Some of the other sites for which I have stats, that perhaps have a more general audience (for which read less geeky…) vary between 0 and 2%.

So logic says forget IE6, but not sure I’m quite ready yet. IE6 is a pain, but it’s not like it’s that much extra effort in most cases to tame it.

Just had a look at the Save IE6 Campaign’s website. Excellent.


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